I. How do I bring my car into service?

  • For an emergency appointment during this time, contact our service team at (877) 703-0939. We will arrange for pick up and delivery to your home.
II. When are you opening again?

  • In accordance with Governor Cuomo's stay at home order, we will open to full capacity as soon as possible. Please take advantage of our at home delivery, shop your way and our service department is here to serve you
III. I am ready to buy a car but you are closed, what can I do?

  • We offer the opportunity to shop your way 24/7, any time, any way you'd like. Shop our inventory on our site and if you have any questions, an available sales representative will be able to assist you. Contact us via phone, email, text, video chat, Facebook messenger, whichever way you feel most comfortable doing. Because we believe in making things better for our customers in these challenging times, we're offering  120 day payment deferral for new customers.
IV. My lease is ending in a few days but you are closed what do I do?
  • We are offering term extensions FOR ALL lease end customers HOWEVER THEY must have 30 days or less remaining until maturity in order to process.  These customers should be calling the lease end contact # 844.363.7477.   

V. I lost my job how can I get some relief on my loan/lease?
  • There is the Genesis Cares Job Loss Protection for new customers. This is for a customer that buys a car from March 14th thru April 30th… they have a job at the time they got the car…. They then suddenly lose their job because of COVID, that's when this kicks in to cover the payments for the car they just bought and then suddenly lost their job. (On this one, the customer needs to contact Insurian to call and file a claim. The insurance company can be reached at 877.746.0566 or email benefits@insurian.com)